Jaron Patten

My name is Jaron, I grew up racing B.M.X. and as a kid got really into it. Got my first dirt bike when I was 10 and pretty much tried to push it as much as I could, building jumps and riding wheelies as far as I could. I’ve always been into adrenaline sports – I skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, anything like that just draws me to it. I guess that’s why I ended up doing what I do on the Harley, saw some of the Unknown guys posting videos on YouTube and thought, “shit I can do that” I already had a Dyna and some dirt bike “know how”. Didn’t take long till I was filming my own videos with my roommate Jesse. Anyway I love this new sport of stunting Harley’s and intend to push it as far as I can to help take it to new levels, thanks Valholl for giving me this opportunity and thank you to all my sponsors.